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Compliments, a man’s best friend…

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Or so you’d think.

I don’t recommend laughing so hard you fall out of your chair – the enjoyment only lasts till you hit the floor.  Ever been told you’re the most handsom, caring, loving individual someone’s ever met – now you remember.  It hurts.

My latest compliment left me unhurt, but aware, or maybe just wary.

“That’s got to be the most boring story you’ve told me all day.”

Says it all, don’t you think?  Wow, I’ve outdone myself again.  I mean I strive for perfection every day- it’s who I am, it’s what I do.  But to actually learn that I nearly pulled it off – what a rush.  And the implications are wonderful too – I’d been keeping up the daily quota of interesting stories and commentaries on life well too – this one was the Best of the Best for the day!  Not the only story or fact I’d outlined and expounded up, but the culmination of a day’s worth of effort.  And she’d bothered to notice – a homerun, outta the park, over the wall!

After that, she followed it up with some actual quantifiers:

“You know how there are debate teams?  Well, you’re like a one-man boring team.”

I knew this woman loved me, but damn!  She thinks I have the qualifications of a 4-person debate team, all wrapped up in one superb package.  If hearing a compliement like that doesn’t justify you’re existance, I’m not sure you’re worthy of the appreciation.

Then there was the kicker:

“Only one boring entry per day.  I think you should shut up now.”

Guess that pretty much says it all.

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