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“That’s very interesting…”

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Those three little words pack a punch – you’ve just heard the boring guy clue.  Strike up a conversation with some way cool verbage concerning the price of hogs in South Dakota, and that phrase is bound to show up quick. 

I heard my wife giving my son some tips on how to carry on a polite social conversation.  “You can use a phrase like ‘Thats very interesting – tell me more’ when talking with other people,” she said.  “It’s a polite way to show your interest in a subject that the other person clearly enjoys,” she said.  “It gives the impression that you find what they have to say interesting and important, even if you don’t think the subject is worth wasting a breathe or brainwave on.”

How insightful and considerate of my wife, I thought.  My son has a new skill to help deal with the world around him, and engage in conversations with people he might otherwise avoid.  I pointed this out to my wife later, mentioning some of the other techniques I’ve used over the years that my son might find helpful, if she were to happen to have this conversation with him again.  After about 7 minutes into my observations, she turned to my son, who had come into the room, gave him a funny look, turned back to me, and between points on maintaining eye contact, said to me “That’s very intersting – tell me more.”

I glanced at my watch and said in shock “Wow, look at the time!  I’m gonna be late!”

My son really shouldn’t laugh at other people like that – it’s not polite.  Going to have to have a discussion with him about that.  Later.  Much later.

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