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Ever wonder how it is that someone as important as you or I can have such an influential affect on life and the human race in general, but still go unnoticed?  Me too.

So I’m taking up blogging about the things in life that would make the daily grind that much more productive and enjoyable if only the facts were available to the masses.

In general, I’m an a smart guy – college graduate from a technical college that can still carry on a conversation about the weather without going into the specifics of how hail is formed, on most occasions (it’s a very cool process – actually warm then cold, then warm, then cold, …..). 

I like to know things – and talk about them.  I can’t really help it if most of the people that find themselves talking with me can’t keep up on the technical side of the discussions – they should approach these opportunities as learning experiences, and get that glazed look off their face, and stop checking the time, like they’ve got somewhere better to be.

Stick with me, and you’ll be the life of the party – well maybe of just the coat check.


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